ODI Leeds

Episode 3. Demand responsive transport

In this episode Neil talks to Asiya Jelani of Arriva Click, and Rebecca Reeve-Burnett of Vamooz. Asiya and Rebecca explain what demand-responsive transport (DRT) means for them, and what motivated their companies to move from the traditional bus industry into the new world of intelligent mobility. They share how technology has played (and will continue to play) a huge role in changing how we use public transport, and share some of the insights they've learnt along the way!


Host:Neil McClure
Guest:Asiya Jelani
Rebecca Reeve-Burnett
Editor:Stuart Lowe
Music:Lata (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Producer:Neil McClure
Artist:Artwork / CREDIT: Amy Evans
Image:Image of Rebecca Reeve-Burnett and Asiya Jelani / CREDIT: Stuart Lowe